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The holidays always seem to arrive way too quickly, and usually by the time I even think about decorating with boughs of holly it has turned into ‘oh crap’ I forgot to buy Aunt Mary her annual set of dish towels and then also frantically calling the local bakery for my contribution to the cookie exchange.

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Anadolu Kimya, which is the pioneer company in the sector with the production of textile printing dyes, continuously improves its service and quality standards; provides its customers with the international trademark ”Antex ürün. AnadoluKimya, which decided to invest in order to increase its production power, moved to its new facility in Istanbul in December2012 and continues its activities here. Anadolu Chemicals Anadolu Kimya - Introduction Movie Anadolu Kimya - Introduction Film Anadolu Kimya Factory Promotion Film and Aerial Shooting

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