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Best Christmas Movies to Watch This Year

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Best Christmas Movies to Watch This Year

Christmas has come to symbolise different things to characters over the years, and the movies here reflect that in kind. If you’re traditional and feeling nostalgic, you’ll be pleased to see where It’s A Wonderful Life and Holiday Inn made it on our list of top holiday films. If this time of the year reminds you of sitting around the TV, eagerly awaiting those annual specials, look out for Saving Christmas and How the Grinch Stole Christmas and many more.

Top 10 best movies to watch on Christmas:

1. Saving Christmas

christian christmas movies

In this movie, the main character tries to save Christmas by mentioning the people he loves what the holiday is all about.

2. Christmas Grace

christian christmas movies

Two toy stores are competing for people's attention during the holidays. But, at some point in the story.

3. The Nativity Story

christian christmas movies

The Nativity Story is a great movie that'll teach the kids the real story behind Christmas.

4. Chasing the Star

christian christmas movies

This movie tells the story of the Three Kings who travelled from different parts of the world to bring gifts to the newborn Jesus.

5. Christmas on Salvation Stree

christian christmas movies

A pastor and his two daughters move into a newly-opened mission. Together, they work to bring back the meaning of Christmas to the community.

6. The Ultimate Gift

christian christmas movies

Although this movie takes place throughout the year, the main character learns an important lesson about family as he completes several tasks to get what his grandfather left him in his will.

7. The Preacher's Wife

christian christmas movies

You know that feeling when you're visited by an angel and they have tons of great advice, but all you can think about is how the angel is totally trying to make a play for your wife? That's the plot of this highly charming movie.

8. The Star

christian christmas movies

Think The Greatest Story Ever Told (a.k.a. the Nativity story), and add in some friendly camels and a cute donkey named Bo. This one is obviously great for kids and is about a team of animals who end up having an accidental *starring* role in Jesus' birth story.

9. Black Nativity

christian christmas movies

Another movie about finding faith and family, Black Nativity focuses on a kid who ditches his single mom for Christmas in order to spend it with some relatives (including a strict reverend and his wife) in New York City. He learns all kinds of life lessons along the way, and so will you.

10. The Note

christian christmas music

Not to be confused with The Notebook, The Note is an admittedly slightly cheesy movie (never change, Hallmark!) about a woman who travels all the way across the country just to deliver a note to someone after she finds it washed ashore on a beach. The Christmas vibes are strong, as are the romance vibes, and the do-the-right-thing vibes.

Wondering how we put this Christmas movie list together? Every movie on the list is Fresh and plays around with the spirit of Christmas and the holidays as a central theme. Then we sorted them all by Adjusted Tomatometer, which factors in release year and a movie’s number of reviews, to make the ultimate list of holiday films that melted even the most cynical critics’ hearts.


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