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Most Versatile Embroidery Machine - Barudan BEKT-S1501CBIII

Albrighton, Alvechurch, Alveley, Belbroughton, Birmingham, Broom, Cannock, Claverley, Codsall, Halesowen, Hopwood, Kidderminster, Pattingham, Romsley, Seisdon, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Walsall, West Bromwich, West Midlands, Wolverhampton, Worcestershire -

Most Versatile Embroidery Machine - Barudan BEKT-S1501CBIII

Daataadirect using the best machines for there printing stuff. There is no compromise on the printing quality. Daataadirect using the Pro3 is Barudan’s newest single head machine. We are delivering the best quality around the UK such as West Bromwich, Halesowen, Romsley, Wolverhampton, Belbroughton, Birmingham, West Midlands, Broom, Worcestershire, Walsall, Seisdon, Staffordshire, Claverley,  Pattingham, Staffordshire, Hopwood, Worcestershire, Romsley, Shropshire, Codsall, Kidderminster, Alveley, Albrighton, Alvechurch, Cannock.

Featuring an open, bridge-style chassis, the Pro3’s 15x17 inch sewing area provides more room for larger items, such as duffle bags, tote bags, and jacket backs. The KT automat, with a color, touch screen display, offers improved visibility and increased memory. A new MK8 trimmer system has been introduced, along with a smaller diameter cylinder arm. The slimmer cylinder arm allows for sewing deeper into confined areas, such as shirt pockets. The Pro3 is the most versatile embroidery machine in the industry.


  • New SH (SmartHead technology) for higher performance and increased durability
  • KT Color LCD 8.4" Touch Display Automat with icon-based operation menus, the same operation as our XS/XY multi-head machines
  • 15 Needles  
  • 100 Memory locations, 70 million stitches internal memory. Designs can be loaded from a USB memory stick (holds up to 5,000 patterns-FDR or DST format) or networked from your computer.
  • Servo Motors for increased swing speeds and more accurate stitching
  • 2 USB Ports - Use USB memory sticks to load designs, bar code scanners, etc.
  • Centering Feature - one-touch hoop centering tool
  • Positive Needle Drive Technology for more accurate, powerful, precise stitching for Puffy foam, leather, tiny lettering, and better registration.
  • Laser Light - Ensures design will fit in a hoop with accurate placement.
  • Outline Perimeter Trace to ensure that design will fit in your hoop.
  • Improved Production speeds up to 1,300 stitches per minute on flats, 1,000 stitches per minute on caps
  • Curved Radius Cylinder Arm - Provides a smooth, even surface for stitching on caps.

  • Exclusive Electronic Thread Clamps - Keeps thread taut and eliminates false thread breaks and thread pull-outs.
  • Timeline - Shows sewing progress, including upcoming color changes and estimated remaining sewing time.
  • Network Ready - Connect your machines with Design File Server or LEM Server networking software
  • Visual Pattern Preview - Shows sewing progress, color image of the design before sewing and progress as it sews out.
  • Stitch Processing (DSP) 
  • Shortcuts - Customize most-used icons to save time
  • Dual Tasking - Load/teach next design while sewing 
  • Help files - Errors mesages with troubleshooting
  • Name Drop - Separates names in a multiple name design for viewing and sewing purposes.
  • LAN & COM Connector Standard - For networking purposes
  • Easier Lubrication - fewer oiling points, easier access
  • Barudan 5-3-2 Warranty - 5 years on the main motor, 3 years on electronic parts/boards and 2 years on all remaining parts (excluding consumables.)
  • ETL Listed - Safety tested to UL standard 1594.

Some important Data to Know:

We Deliver all over the UK: (Dudley nearest locations)

                       Town                                Area
                  West Bromwich               Staffordshire
                  Halesowen                      Staffordshire
                  Romsley                          Worcestershire
                  Wolverhampton               Wolverhampton
                  Belbroughton                   Worcestershire
                  Birmingham                     West Midlands
                  Broom                              Worcestershire
                  Walsall                             Walsall
                  Seisdon                            Staffordshire
                  Claverley                          Shropshire
                  Pattingham                       Staffordshire
                  Hopwood                          Worcestershire
                  Romsley                           Shropshire
                  Codsall                             Staffordshire
                  Kidderminster                  Worcestershire
                  Alveley                             Shropshire
                  Albrighton                         Shropshire
                  Alvechurch                       Worcestershire
                  Cannock                           Staffordshire


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