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Free Listing Price Calculator for Amazon and eBay

Price Calculation for Marketable selling price!

Free Listing Price Calculator for Amazon and eBay!

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How do I calculate a selling price for Amazon or eBay?


When you list an item on Amazon or eBay you need to calculate a listing price that will generate the profit you want.

That can be surprisingly complicated. There are lots of different costs you have to think about when you are working things out. Some are fixed price elements such as the cost of the item, or the cost of the postage. But other items are based on a percentage of the final selling price, such a PayPal fees or eBay's Final Selling Fee.

But how can you build in a percentage of the final listing price, when you don't know the final listing price until you know what eBay or PayPal will charge. It can get confusing.

The sensible thing to do is to use our listing price calculator. It will take all the fixed and variable costs and come up with the price you need to sell at to make the mark up, or the profit, you want.